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Yet another coffee shop in Sherborne… Yes!

I know this is a bit late coming (the article I refer to is from October 2017), however it is something I have been meaning to write about for a while now.

Before we knew that the old Melson Wingate opticians was going to be Cafe Nero, the town [supposedly] was completely up in arms about the potential of yet ‘another’ coffee shop being introduced to Sherborne.  The article I refer to is one of many that was published:  https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink/sherborne-yet-another-coffee-shop-636241

The main concern from current Sherborne town goers, was the abundance of coffee shops already available, apparently about 80 places to sip a Cafe Latte or relax with a tall Americano.

The way I see the addition of Cafe Nero is twofold.  Firstly, rather than a huge empty shop in the middle of the town (like many shops in the Quedam centre in Yeovil), we have filled an otherwise empty establishment, bringing people into the town and providing a hub for young, old and families to enjoy each other’s company with a cuppa or two.  Secondly, I rather like the idea that Sherborne is becoming a ‘coffee hub’ of Dorset – why not?  Its a very European cultural activity, and very en-trend with a many different age groups.  And surely, its better than everyone going to the pub?!  How times have changed, there used to be 15 or so pubs in the town!

I can only see positives for the additions of companies like Costa and Cafe Nero in the town.  Personally, I love to sit reading the paper with a coffee and slab of cake, in the very cool and sophisticated atmosphere of Cafe Nero.  Those who complain and suggest that this will only drive the older, more traditional coffee and tea shops out of town, need worry not.  The introduction of Costa only proved this – no coffee shop has closed or suffered as a result.

The Danish may say we were very Hygge for having so many coffee outlets, the French and Spanish would praise us for our Cafe culture.  Lets embrace it and not complaint about it!

Over and out.

Sherborne Labour Party Member.