Letter to Guardian – June 2020

Below is a letter written by one of our members, Rob.

Dear Madam, 

Martin Kettle has an excellent article today, 12th June, about the reasons behind the erection of statues, which are so villified today by many of the Queen’s subjects. He wonders why they were erected at all? 

Some of their fellow subjects meanwhile argue that it is not democratic to take them down. However many of these statues were erected in the reign of Queen Victoria who was ‘Empress of India’ – a place she had never even visited. 

The statue of the notorious slaver,Colston was erected in 1895. At that time in our history forty percent of the male population did not have the vote .However there were no votes for women at all.  

Many of the  men returning  from The War in 1918 had no vote. Universal suffrage came and was finally granted in 1928, although Churchill was against giving the vote to women. 

Therefore, these memorials to our colonial days of ‘Empire’ and the cruel acts of inhumanity  that went with them have never had any democratic legitimacy.The inequality and racism that we now see in The UK  clearly grew out of this period, when ‘Britannia ruled the waves’- and a quarter of the world’s population. 

Is it any wonder that so many of our  present Queen’s subjects want to change our country for the better. 

Yours sincerely, 
Rob  Bygrave

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