Pot Noodle Prime Minister

A letter from one of our Sheborne Labour members to the Guardian…


Dear Madam,

For the first time in The UK we now have a ‘Pot Noodle Prime Minister’. On his empathetic tour of South Yorkshire, he put aside his mop, and urged deluged locals,  to pour water on his ‘oven -ready ‘deal. What a good idea !?

To further demonstrate his expertise he told them to put his ‘dodgy-deal’  in the microwave at ‘gas mark five’. Maybe he got his advice from that other well-known clown  Donald, who is a fan of burgers and chlorinated chicken, or even Vladimir with his powers of   secret surveillance . Thank goodness  they have all got their fingers on the nuclear button to keep us safe !

The stolid Yorkshire folk told him to ‘ Bog-off Boris’ !   Let’s hope they say the same to ‘Lord’  (‘if -the-price-is-right’) ‘Falange’ of Brussels !

We can surely do better than this ?

Yours sincerely,

Rob Bygrave     West Dorset Labour


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