Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Jeremy, Having been a member of The Party for the last 33 years in West Dorset, and served as District and Town councillor for 24 years, PPC and CLP Chair during that time I am urging you to make it clear where Labour stands on the isssue of Brexit. The uncertainty is doing us a lot of harm in that many loyal members are getting worried that our MPs will not ‘put their vote where their conscience is’,and some are leaving the party.

The UK is a representative democracy which means that the MPs are required to put the public interest first – not their own. Therefore if they voted a certain way in the referendum they should reflect on this and vote to support the best interests of the whole country – in any future vote.Under our Constitution that is what the people are entitled to expect.

The MPs need to evaluate all the evidence before they do this, although before the referendum the MP’s vote was 480/ 145 to remain – a huge margin of 3:1.

All the evidence so far since June 23rd confirms their scepticism for leaving. The pound has become devalued by 20%, and independent forecasts on growth, jobs, wages, social cohesion, human rights , environmental issues,security and trade deals suggest that leaving The EU will be a disaster for the UK. In fact the UK may even cease to exist after we have left.

These are forecasts being made before we have left the EU and analysis of them makes the public interest quite clear.

We are being told by the hateful media that “The people have spoken” . In fact 28% of those who could vote won a majority. There was no threshold in terms of the percentage vote required to produce a valid result, and the size of the winning margin was also given no limitation in the event of the result being very close. Thus the eventual outcome is not a valid majority of ‘the people’ at all .

How can a vote by 28% of the country, led by a government that obtained 24% of the vote at the last General Election claim that this was, in any way an exercise in ‘Democracy’.It would be a travesty if it determines our future? On top of this our stand-in Prime Minister who voted to remain has no mandate ,since nobody has voted for her. Her predecessor as PM, who is responsible for this mess, had to resign.Our European colleagues must be laughing at us.

Making a decision on this issue is a matter of judgement, so that the conclusions of others should be considered. Therefore it is relevant to reflect on the opinion of previous Prime Ministers. The last five living Prime Ministers voted to remain in The EU, as did the previous four deceased ones in 1975. In fact one of them was responsible for pushing through the Single Market Act on which so much of our future depends.

What do this 28% know that they do not ?

I therefore urge you to work as hard as you can for The UK to remain in the EU and to vote for the common good when the time comes.

Yours sincerely,
Rob Bygrave Chair Sherborne Labour Party

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