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Schools: cuts and MATs

Many people have asked me about the school cuts and being a secondary school teacher, I know a little of the detail, but I also know the place you need to go to find out the more pressing details!  The Government cuts to education and schools can be found on this very useful website:

The site allows the user to type in specific postcodes or school names and find out exactly how much money is being cut / need to be saved by schools in the coming years.  The information is given in terms of ‘amount of teachers’, or ‘specific resource per student’ – some of the figures are alarming to say the least.  The astounding impact for local Gryphon School for instance is:


The site also allows users to contact local MPs, sign petitions and much more.  Worth a look if you have five minutes.

Talking of Gryphon School, another topic of interest within the local community at the moment is the introduction of a local Multi Academy Trust (MAT), which brings together 8 primary schools and one secondary school in one business like transformation which aims to build and implement changes and links to improve the education of the community.  As expected there are obvious benefits of all schools coming together to be one, but also some potential worries for both community and staff / students at he schools.

All information and questions can be found here, worth a read if you get a minute!

Standing for a fairer Britain

This video was released by the Labour Party this week on their website and social media platforms.  It tells the story of various people, some on minimum wage, hard working people who are trying / working hard for their families and their futures.

It is certainly an interesting watch, and I urge you to share it and comment if you’d like.  It would also be interesting to hear from any local, Sherborne families in a similar situation who strive for a fairer Britain.  We live in a beautiful town where I think people believe that the majority are well off and content with their earnings and economic status.  However, there are people who are struggling and it is important that we share this message in our community.