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Letter to Guardian – June 2020

Below is a letter written by one of our members, Rob.

Dear Madam, 

Martin Kettle has an excellent article today, 12th June, about the reasons behind the erection of statues, which are so villified today by many of the Queen’s subjects. He wonders why they were erected at all? 

Some of their fellow subjects meanwhile argue that it is not democratic to take them down. However many of these statues were erected in the reign of Queen Victoria who was ‘Empress of India’ – a place she had never even visited. 

The statue of the notorious slaver,Colston was erected in 1895. At that time in our history forty percent of the male population did not have the vote .However there were no votes for women at all.  

Many of the  men returning  from The War in 1918 had no vote. Universal suffrage came and was finally granted in 1928, although Churchill was against giving the vote to women. 

Therefore, these memorials to our colonial days of ‘Empire’ and the cruel acts of inhumanity  that went with them have never had any democratic legitimacy.The inequality and racism that we now see in The UK  clearly grew out of this period, when ‘Britannia ruled the waves’- and a quarter of the world’s population. 

Is it any wonder that so many of our  present Queen’s subjects want to change our country for the better. 

Yours sincerely, 
Rob  Bygrave

Pot Noodle Prime Minister

A letter from one of our Sheborne Labour members to the Guardian…


Dear Madam,

For the first time in The UK we now have a ‘Pot Noodle Prime Minister’. On his empathetic tour of South Yorkshire, he put aside his mop, and urged deluged locals,  to pour water on his ‘oven -ready ‘deal. What a good idea !?

To further demonstrate his expertise he told them to put his ‘dodgy-deal’  in the microwave at ‘gas mark five’. Maybe he got his advice from that other well-known clown  Donald, who is a fan of burgers and chlorinated chicken, or even Vladimir with his powers of   secret surveillance . Thank goodness  they have all got their fingers on the nuclear button to keep us safe !

The stolid Yorkshire folk told him to ‘ Bog-off Boris’ !   Let’s hope they say the same to ‘Lord’  (‘if -the-price-is-right’) ‘Falange’ of Brussels !

We can surely do better than this ?

Yours sincerely,

Rob Bygrave     West Dorset Labour


Letter to Mr J Corbyn

Dear Jeremy et al,
I am sending on a message from one of our very active members in our branch in West Dorset. He knew my wife and I were coming to The Conference and wants you to get this message.
He is 98, infirm and a veteran of the 2nd World War.
He is a remainer like me. My question to you would be about the legality of treating an ‘advisory’ referendum, without a threshold, as if it were ‘mandatory’. Will any further referendum have a threshold ,so making it mandatory, or will a ‘one vote’ majority be sufficient to claim it is the ‘will of the people’ – as last time?
Best wishes,
Rob and Linda Bygrave
Sherborne Labour Party 

Campaigning in Sherborne

The Sherborne Labour Party [along with other branches across Dorset and the South West] have certainly been out in force.  The Sherborne Market received good feedback and lots of great discussion going on last Saturday when some members of the team were ‘out and about’.  And thats simply what its about at this very important time of the year.

As we look towards 8th June in trepidation, we need to come together and leaflet, campaign, phone, door knock.  If you are interested in getting involved, contact Alex who is coordinating busy campaign trail in Sherborne:

In the mean time, good luck everyone and keep up the fantastic work!  The door knocking is too, revealing some positive feedback and support for the Labour Party and our great parliamentary candidate, Lee Rhodes.  Enjoy the video and picture below.

A letter to the Guardian…

The Editor

Dear Madam,

We are asked to put our trust in our PM to produce a good deal for the UK regarding the EU. She likes to tell us that we have a ‘strong and stable’ government at present. Therefore why do we need an election? 

I am very glad that we are having one however since the timing is perfect – coming as it does at the – ‘END OF MAY’ !

Last year Leicester City, this year ….  who knows !?

Yours sincerely,
Rob Bygrave

Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Jeremy, Having been a member of The Party for the last 33 years in West Dorset, and served as District and Town councillor for 24 years, PPC and CLP Chair during that time I am urging you to make it clear where Labour stands on the isssue of Brexit. The uncertainty is doing us a lot of harm in that many loyal members are getting worried that our MPs will not ‘put their vote where their conscience is’,and some are leaving the party.

The UK is a representative democracy which means that the MPs are required to put the public interest first – not their own. Therefore if they voted a certain way in the referendum they should reflect on this and vote to support the best interests of the whole country – in any future vote.Under our Constitution that is what the people are entitled to expect.

The MPs need to evaluate all the evidence before they do this, although before the referendum the MP’s vote was 480/ 145 to remain – a huge margin of 3:1.

All the evidence so far since June 23rd confirms their scepticism for leaving. The pound has become devalued by 20%, and independent forecasts on growth, jobs, wages, social cohesion, human rights , environmental issues,security and trade deals suggest that leaving The EU will be a disaster for the UK. In fact the UK may even cease to exist after we have left.

These are forecasts being made before we have left the EU and analysis of them makes the public interest quite clear.

We are being told by the hateful media that “The people have spoken” . In fact 28% of those who could vote won a majority. There was no threshold in terms of the percentage vote required to produce a valid result, and the size of the winning margin was also given no limitation in the event of the result being very close. Thus the eventual outcome is not a valid majority of ‘the people’ at all .

How can a vote by 28% of the country, led by a government that obtained 24% of the vote at the last General Election claim that this was, in any way an exercise in ‘Democracy’.It would be a travesty if it determines our future? On top of this our stand-in Prime Minister who voted to remain has no mandate ,since nobody has voted for her. Her predecessor as PM, who is responsible for this mess, had to resign.Our European colleagues must be laughing at us.

Making a decision on this issue is a matter of judgement, so that the conclusions of others should be considered. Therefore it is relevant to reflect on the opinion of previous Prime Ministers. The last five living Prime Ministers voted to remain in The EU, as did the previous four deceased ones in 1975. In fact one of them was responsible for pushing through the Single Market Act on which so much of our future depends.

What do this 28% know that they do not ?

I therefore urge you to work as hard as you can for The UK to remain in the EU and to vote for the common good when the time comes.

Yours sincerely,
Rob Bygrave Chair Sherborne Labour Party

Education… again!?

It has been interesting to read and watch all the hoo-hah about ‘Education, Not Segregation’ of late.  Why is this important at the moment?  Why are we focussing on Education once again when there are so many other much more vital areas to be discussing.  How about Mental Health which is seen to be on the rise in recent articles? See below:

As a teacher myself, it angers me that Theresa May has decided that THIS is a key item to be discussing.  Mr Gove has already ‘shaken’ things up and made his mark on the education system, so why oh why is this happening?

Please, please concentrate your forces on something else, NHS, Mental Health, the EU, the Environment ??

So, in answer to my original question, Why is This Important – it’s NOT!  So please join us (The Sherborne Labour Party) and the national party to fight against this catastrophic proposal of Grammar Schools!

The Leadership Election

Even for the “Independent”, the number and use of unnamed anonymous “sources” in this article ( is quite astonishing. However, amongst all the usual speculative delusion, there is one factor which causes concern to anyone who believes in the Labour Party, its principles and in he democratic process of the Labour movement. It is abundantly clear that elements within the Parliamentary Labour Party, are even now, planning another coup in the event that Jeremy Corbyn should emerge as winner in the current ballot.

The failed coup of earlier this year, has now descended into a sham leadership election, because the conspirators still fail to accept the democratic decision of the Labour party membership and cling to their over inflated view of their own ego’s and the belief that they have some “Divine right of Kings” to hold all power in the Labour Party. In much the same way as these egoists plotted and planned the overthrow of Corbyn, even before the 2015 leadership election, they now scheme and conspire to undermine and remove Corbyn after the result of this leadership election is declared. Regardless of what reasons they may present as justification for their duplicitous acts, no matter how much the media and television may support and encourage them, their real motivation is as clear as crystal. They seek only to retain power in their immediate circle, the continuation of the “status quo” as in the days of Blair, Brown and more latterly Miliband Minor. The continuation of the policies which were roundly rejected by the electorate at the most recent General elections.

The plotters have no respect for the Labour Party, its membership or for the democratic processes being concerned only with clinging on to their privileged positions and all that goes with it. Even their constant references to the “unelectable Jeremy Corbyn” and “electorate” has a hollow ring. The electorate has never been given a clear distinct choice between the parties. They have been offered “austerity” from the Conservatives or “austerity” in a different coloured box by the Labour party. All that is set to change and the Parliamentary Labour Party are petrified. I would have thought that after the election result is declared on September 24th, we could then concentrate on attacking the real enemy of people in this country, instead of targeting our own colleagues on the Labour benches.

The people of this country are in desperate need of a Labour government to roll back the excesses of this conservative administration and the ConDem coalition which preceded it. Alas, it seems that the personal ambitions and duplicitous scheming of some in the Parliamentary Labour Party will significantly hinder the improvements in our society that most of us in the Labour party and the wider electorate seek to create.

John Yates


A letter to Oliver Letwin MP:

Dear Oliver,

After the disastrous and unnecessary Referendum campaign we now have political and economic chaos in The Country.The leaders of the mendacious ‘Vote Leave’ faction are running away from the mess they have made as fast as they can. However the damage they have done with their lies and half-truths will live on. Public opinion is split down the middle and therefore the idea of ‘ trying to make it work’ would be a betrayal of our democracy and heritage.

The only way forward in my view is to have an early General Election with all the main parties setting out their position in a manifesto – something that was absent from the last debacle.The lack of a plan for the future meant that the people did not vote ‘for’ anything.

We have a representative democracy which infers that it is the MPs who make the decisions for the state not the people. In 1972, when we signed the first European Treaty,  an Act of Parliament was required and so it follows that another act is required in order to leave. The Referendum was only advisory, not legally binding. It is not even clear what issues the public felt were the most important when they voted. Did they have anything to do with Europe? We can only guess.

Therefore the so-called ‘mandate’ is totally flawed.and it would a tragedy for both the country and our young people if our future was determined by this result. Please use your influence to secure a proper debate over the relevant issues via a General Election in the next few months.In my opinion this should happen before triggering Article 50.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Bygrave
Chair West Dorset CLP

Vote Leave Breaks the Law

Dear Sir, [A letter to the BBC]

All over the country there has been an all party agreement to cease campaigning today in respect of Jo Cox.  Vote Leave leaflets were being distributed today at 1.00pm in our town of Sherborne, Dorset. This callous disregard is typical of what has been happening in our area. Last week the A352 road between Dorchester and Sherborne had many Vote Leave posters along its length. The posters had no name or address on them – which is illegal. They were also placed in very dangerous places, on bends, road signs, and verges close to the road. I have photographs of them. This is also illegal and clearly very dangerous. They are on record of wanting to leave The EU because of too much regulation – the ‘red tape’ that impedes their activities. In The UK this is known as ‘common decency’, and ‘the law’.

Yours sincerely, Rob Bygrave