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Campaigning in Sherborne with Claudia

The Sherborne Labour team were out with Claudia recently for leafleting, door knocking and some great campaigning in the town Centre. Thanks to Claudia, our amazing prospective MP for West Dorset for joining the team in Sherborne!

Some members of the team have also been out all over the town leafleting in their spare time in various parts of the town. Thanks to all who have helped out. Only a couple of days left till polling day!

Pot Noodle Prime Minister

A letter from one of our Sheborne Labour members to the Guardian…


Dear Madam,

For the first time in The UK we now have a ‘Pot Noodle Prime Minister’. On his empathetic tour of South Yorkshire, he put aside his mop, and urged deluged locals,  to pour water on his ‘oven -ready ‘deal. What a good idea !?

To further demonstrate his expertise he told them to put his ‘dodgy-deal’  in the microwave at ‘gas mark five’. Maybe he got his advice from that other well-known clown  Donald, who is a fan of burgers and chlorinated chicken, or even Vladimir with his powers of   secret surveillance . Thank goodness  they have all got their fingers on the nuclear button to keep us safe !

The stolid Yorkshire folk told him to ‘ Bog-off Boris’ !   Let’s hope they say the same to ‘Lord’  (‘if -the-price-is-right’) ‘Falange’ of Brussels !

We can surely do better than this ?

Yours sincerely,

Rob Bygrave     West Dorset Labour