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Brexit Campaigning in Yeovil (Sat 12th Jan)

A group of local Labour members went forth to the community of Yeovil to talk Brexit! A short summary is below…

The ‘Brexitometer’ pictures are on ‘Somerset Loves Europe’ facebook and twitter and have been emailed to Marcus Fysh.  Below is today’s and the one from 1st December for your interest.  They suggest a shift away from Brexit towards a People’s vote comparing December’s to today’s. The postcards that were left with us to post tallied up as:

People’s vote ticked 34 times
Leave – no deal    16
Leave – PM’s deal  8
Stay in the EU      51
Total of 83 cards but some had more than one option ticked.  We also gave out plenty more for people to post themselves. Thank you again to everyone for all of the hard work.