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Vote Leave Breaks the Law

Dear Sir, [A letter to the BBC]

All over the country there has been an all party agreement to cease campaigning today in respect of Jo Cox. ¬†Vote Leave leaflets were being distributed today at 1.00pm in our town of Sherborne, Dorset. This callous disregard is typical of what has been happening in our area. Last week the A352 road between Dorchester and Sherborne had many Vote Leave posters along its length. The posters had no name or address on them – which is illegal. They were also placed in very dangerous places, on bends, road signs, and verges close to the road. I have photographs of them. This is also illegal and clearly very dangerous. They are on record of wanting to leave The EU because of too much regulation – the ‘red tape’ that impedes their activities. In The UK this is known as ‘common decency’, and ‘the law’.

Yours sincerely, Rob Bygrave